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Akron Bicycle Club

Event Registrants

This is a list of registrants for the displayed event
Title: 2023 Roscoe Ramble
When: Saturday, August 26, 2023, 6:30 AM until Sunday, August 27, 2023, 3:00 PM

Name Type
Catherine Anderson Non-Member
Randy Austin Active members
Ron Backnick Active members
David Barret Non-Member
Stephen Belli Active members
Tim Bennett Active members
Donna Benzing Non-Member
Jim Birt Active members
Philip Blaine Non-Member
Stephen Boyd Active members
Mina Chung Non-Member Guest (another non-member)
Sherry Chylsta Non-Member Guest (another non-member)
Barbara Cicigoi Non-Member
David Conger Non-Member
Kim Conger Non-Member Guest (another non-member)
Richard Elliott Non-Member
Rick Feinberg Active members
Gregory Fernandes Non-Member
John Forbes Active members
Gerald Golinski Non-Member
Sandy Golinski Non-Member Guest (another non-member)
Susan Grant Member Guest - Another Member
Nancy Grim Member Guest - Another Member
James Gubanich Non-Member
Clifford Harding Non-Member
Jon Hefner Non-Member
jeff howard Non-Member
Dana Kalchoff Non-Member
Michelle Kautz Active members
Bob Kerr Non-Member
Jerry King Non-Member
Mark Kozlowski Active members
matthew mark Non-Member
george marketos Non-Member
Sara Marketos Non-Member Guest (another non-member)
Susan Marketos Non-Member Guest (another non-member)
Russell Marx Active members
Esther McDowell Active members
Terence McGreal Non-Member
Debbie Mohler Non-Member
John Mok Non-Member
Ronald Monroe Active members
Merl Munsell Non-Member
Michael Nelson Non-Member
Dave Pietrowicz Active members
Bob Pike Active members
Julie Pratt Non-Member
Abbas Rahimi Active members
Dan Richard Active members
Ron Ring Active members
Larry Robinson Active members
Eric Schultz Active members
Yauheni Selivonchyk Non-Member Guest (another non-member)
Don Simon Non-Member Guest (another non-member)
Helene Simon Non-Member
Roger Singler Non-Member
Marc Snitzer Non-Member
MarcX Snitzer Non-Member
Peg Stoner Active members
Heidi Sumser Active members
Rick Sumser Member Guest - Another Member
Doug Suna Non-Member
Derrick Webb Non-Member
Wendy Wexler Non-Member
James Windsor Non-Member
John Windsor Active members
Peggy Wise Non-Member
Lynda Xepoleas Non-Member
Al Yaccino Non-Member
Chris Yochens Member Guest - Another Member


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