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Akron Bicycle Club

Akron Bicycle Club COVID-19 Group Ride Guidelines

Updated 4/1/21

We are now over one year out from the onset of COVID-19 and we have made significant strides in understanding and controlling its spread. ABC is once again looking forward to getting back to riding in a safe manner that protects all members and volunteers. Until vaccinations are more widespread, we will be keeping the COVID-19 Guidelines in place for ABC Group Rides. Continue to watch our website for updates as the situation changes. Please follow these mitigation guidelines at ABC rides/events:

  1. All riders should check their temperature before arriving at a group ride. If you are not well, or don’t feel well, or have been exposed to COVID-19, do not show up!
  2. “Sign In” for group rides will be managed by the ride leader. All riders must report in to ride leader prior to ride and provide required information for the sign in sheet. Only the ride leader will handle the sign in sheet
  3. GPS is the preferred option for ride navigation. If GPS is not available, there will be a map link on the ABC Ride Calendar for riders to print out the ride map/cue sheet at home, prior to the ride. No cue sheets will be handed out at the ride.
  4. All riders should carry a mask and hand sanitizer with them in case a need arises to use during the ride, as both are easily transported
  5. Social distancing rules of 6 feet minimum should be followed for both pre and post-ride
  6. Riders should ride side-by-side or keep a minimum distance of 10 - 20 feet between riders. If any rider needs to sneeze, blow their nose, cough, etc. they should drop back so no one is in your slipstream
  7. All Group rides will start out in groups of 8 riders. If more than 8 riders show up, break into additional groups of 8 riders maximum. A ride leader is required in each group
    1. Starting in groups of 8 will allow for flexibility during a ride in case riders fall back or ride ahead. We must hold to a MAXIMUM of 10 Riders in any group at any time
    2. Multiple groups should maintain a 5-minute gap between group starts
  8. No food stops prior to, during or after group rides. All riders should carry water and nutrition needed for each ride so sharing is not needed
  9. Each rider should carry any needed tools, equipment and clothing so sharing is not needed


As with all ABC rides,

  • Always arrive at least 10 minutes before start time to allow for adequate check in time
  • All cyclists must wear bike helmets, obey all traffic laws, and no use of ear buds or cell phones while riding
  • Use of rear-view mirror, headlight, tail light and reflectors is recommended
  • ABC Rides are for members only. Please join at

Akron Bicycle Club Leadership

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