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e-Bike Policy (NEW)

As e-Bikes gain popularity in bike shops and in purchases, ABC is welcoming e-Bike riders within the following policy, in order to promote safe recreational riding for EVERYONE. As you consider purchasing an e-Bike and/or riding an e-Bike with ABC, please consider the following policy that regulates this new form of recreational cycling for our Club.
e-Bike Definitions - All e-Bikes must be identified as one of three classes on the bike:

Class 1 e-Bike

Pedal Assist; Up to 20 mph

Motor stops when pedal stops 

Class 2 e-Bike

Throttle Controlled; Up to 20 mph

Rider may pedal

Club Insurance Does Not Cover

Class 3 e-Bike

Pedal Assist; Up to 28 mph

Motor stops when pedal stops
Could have throttle control
Not allowed on most bicycle and shared use trails (unless specific law)

ABC General e-Bike Policy

  • ONLY Class 1 e-Bikes are permitted on any ABC Rides or Events
  • Class 2 and/or Class 3 e-Bikes are NOT permitted on ABC Rides or Events

ABC e-Bike Policy/Rules for Class 1 e-Bike Riders on ABC Rides or Events

  • e-Bike riders will observe and follow all ABC Club ride rules and policies governing ride safety and etiquette
  • All e-Bike riders must notify the Ride Leader upon check in, if an e-Bike is being used
  • e-Bikes are NOT permitted on A and/or B group rides
  • e-Bike riders may only participate in group rides where the established pace is equal to or slower than rides they have demonstrated experience with on a conventional cycle. Groups are not chosen solely based on speed, rather on the rider’s skill and experience riding safely with that particular paced group.

  • If in a group ride, the e-Bike, when assuming the front position, may not accelerate the pace of the group. They may only maintain the established pace, or safely reduce it in the event a hazard exists.

  • When proceeding up climbs, e-Bikes should not aggressively pass conventional riders and on descents should stay well to the right to not impede conventional riders.

  • An e-Bike rider is responsible for ensuring they have sufficient battery reserves to enable them to complete the ride they have chosen without assistance from other riders.

  • This policy is subject to change based on the newness of this topic.


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