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Akron Bicycle Club
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Much of the club's day to day communications occurs on the ABC Yahoo Group. Ad hoc rides, last minute updates, stuff for sale, trip companions wanted, party invites ...   If you want to know about last minute changes and rides that didn't make the schedule then keep current via the ABC forum on Groups.IO (GIO). Click to the right to join and the logo above to go there.

Don't want extra e-mails in your inbox?
You can subscribe to the list in Web-Only or Daily Digest modes. 
After you join the group:
1) go to (login if necessary)
2) Click on SUBSCRIPTION on lefthand side of page.
3) Edit email settings for frequency and delivery
4) Select from the following Options:
  • Individual Email - You get every e-mail delivered to your inbox.
  • Daily Digest - All e-mails are summarized in a single e-mail at the end of every day.
  • Web Only - No messages are delivered to your inbox.  You need to visit the group to read the posts.
Posting Guidelines
People tend to drop off the list if they get too many e-mails that are off topic.  We want to keep everybody on the list so that we can share important club information.  Here's some guidelines for what to post.
  • Announcements - Ride Announcements, meeting announcements, last minute updates to club activities.
  • Invitations - This is a great way to invite other members to activities that you are attending.
  • Local Bicycling News - Pass along local announcements that may affect our ability to use bicycles in the Greater Akron Area.
  • Positive, Constructive Feedback - Suggestions are welcome, but our volunteers get discouraged if you're negative.
Avoid the Following
  • Discussions - Try to solicit feedback to yourself and avoid starting a discussion on the e-mail list.  Reply to the sender, not the group.
  • Topics of Political Nature - we like you because you ride a bike, not because you're conservative or liberal.
  • Quick, Nasty replies - If you see a topic that makes you mad, avoid hitting the send button on the reply for a while.
We reserve the right to moderate

If we think you're too off topic.  We may send you a warning, or put you in the Administrator Review queue for a while, delaying the delivery of your messages.  We want to keep this list about the Akron Bicycle Club.